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Smart Ration Distribution System


The “Smart Ration Dispensing System” is an Arduino Mega 2560-based project that aims at digitising and automating the present-day ration distribution system. It aims at reducing malpractices, minimising human errors, and ensuring proper systematic distribution of the commodities without any human intervention.
A public distribution system is a widely controversial system that involves corruption and illegal smuggling of goods. This happens because every task in the provisional stores involves manual work, and there are no specific “high-tech” technologies to automate the job. This project will enhance our day-today routines using technology by taking into account the various social, economic, and general aspects. The classical method involves the customer describing to the shop retailer the quantity and type of commodity required. The distributer then measures the commodity to be given to the customer manually.
Our vision is to automate this process, i.e., we have an input mechanism through which the customer scans their RFID card, the pin is entered by the user and it’s verified with the entry in the database, furthermore the allotted grains are dispensed. The calibrated load cell is kept at the bottom of the dispenser, whose main purpose is to constantly measure the dispensed commodity and compare it with the value acquired from the database (say 500 gm) and the process stops when the two values match. An IR sensor is fixed to continuously check if the container is available. If so, then the commodity is dispensed; otherwise, it will wait until the container is placed. To check the presence of the commodity in the container, we also have an ultrasonic sensor fixed. If the grain falls below the threshold value, the message will be conveyed to the retailer to refill the container.

Project Team

Nikhil Kumar Singh, Prateeksha K A, Shreya Shenoy K, Vaishnavi Bhatt
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr. P.A Vijaya
B N M Institute of Technology
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