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Design and Development of Turning Circle Radius Measuring Device


Turning circle diameter gives an indication of the space required to turn a particular vehicle. Hence the higher the value of turning circle diameter, the higher is the space needed to turn the vehicle completely and vice-versa. It is the diameter of the circle made by the outer wheels of the vehicles while making a complete turn.
Legally manufacturers must specify the turning circle radius or diameter. Hence it appears in the specification sheet of every vehicles. The standards or the requirements of turning circle of the vehicle are specified in various technical standards which are generally developed country wise. The Indian requirements are specified in the Indian Standard IS12222.2011. Presently most procedures for the measurement of turning circle radius or diameter of vehicles still follow manual steps. Therefore there is a scope for transition from traditional methods to a more effective method of turning radius measurement by utilizing electronic recording devices to determine appropriate class path for a vehicle.
The aim of this project is to incorporate an electronic step up within the automobile alongwith an external step up where sensors are mounted on the wheel of the vehicle. The entire set up is intended to operate based on modern technology such as ultra sound and Lidar sensors, whose data is processed for turning radius measurement. This thereby reduces the time and manual effort currently being spent on the process, and the result may be compared with data from manufacturers to determine effectiveness.

Project Team

Yathish N, M.S.Sumanth Raghav, Dhyanesh Lakshman, Rohan Ravi G
Mechanical Engineering


Mr. Madhu P
B N M Institute of Technology
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