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Under Water image enhancement


Visually guided Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) are widely used in important applications such as the monitoring of marine species migration and coral reefs, inspection of submarine cables and wreckage, underwater scene analysis, seabed mapping, human robot collaboration and more.
Cameras onboard autonomous and remotely operated vehicles can capture high resolution images to map the seafloor. The raw images retrieved are affected by factors such as light refraction and absorption, suspended particles in the water, and colour distortion, resulting in noisy and distorted images. Due to serious degeneration, it is hard to recover the realistic colour and appearance of underwater images, while colour and appearance are crucial for underwater vision tasks,
Thereby developing an effective solution for underwater object recognition with an effective enhancement model for these images is desirable.

Project Team

Namitha S, Meghana R, Nikhitha Gururaj
Computer Science Engineering


Dr.Sejal S Nimbhorkar
B N M Institute of Technology
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