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Virtual Eye


The main aim of this project is to provide an efficient visual platform to enhance the perception of his surroundings for a visually impaired user. This is achieved by using the concept of real time image and video processing. This data is analyzed and compared along with the database which consists of pre-stored data that aids in recognition of the captured image, also keeping the financial perspective in mind.

A head mount camera is used to capture an image on a real-time basis whenever desired. The captured image is then processed and compared with the information stored in the database, providing an audio output indicating the desired information. Audio output is provided through bone conduction headphones which communicate audio signals directly with the inner ear. A distress alert mechanism is also included as a safety measure to the blind at times of danger. It helps in sending messages containing distress alert signal and the current location of the user. Hence, virtual eye provides an expandable multi -feature package to the user with the following features such as Obstacle Avoidance, Face Detection/ Recognition and Distress Alert.

Project Team

Pruthvi S, Shama M S, Hitesh V Haritas, Sujay Jain
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr. Basavaraj N, Dr. Shesha Prasad
B N M Institute of Technology
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