Smart Technology

Smart Technology

Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines

In mechanics, kinematics is the study of the motion of objects without regard to the forces that cause the motion. Dynamics is the study of how forces affect the motion of objects. Kinematics can be used to determine how a machine will move under given conditions. Dynamics can be used to determine what forces are required to produce a given amount of movement. In other words, kinematics is concerned with describing motion, while dynamics is concerned with explaining why motion occurs. Kinematics and dynamics are often studied together, as they are both necessary for a complete understanding of the behaviour of machines. Usually students of Mechanical Engineering find it very difficult to visualize the concept of Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines even though they are shown the working model in the Lab. Center of Excellence at BNMIT tries to solve the above issue with the help of Ray Vector Technologies-an AR VR company. The ARVR Model of Kinematics and Dynamics helps the students understand the following in a visual manner : • Basics of machines, mechanisms, kinematic links and joints. • Mobility of a Mechanism and Calculating the Degrees of Freedom. • Inversions of a Four-bar Chain and Grashof’ s Law. • Inversions of a single slider crank chain – Quick Return Motion • Mechanisms, Rotary and Oscillating Cylinder Engine, Hand-Pump.

Smart Technology

AI mirror for smart monitoring

The smart AI mirror integrates cutting-edge technology, featuring a thermal camera for temperature detection along with facial recognition and mask detection. The mirror not only enhances security by identifying individuals but also promotes safety by confirming mask usage. Additionally, it displays real-time temperature information that was mandatory during covid times. The project leverages AWS to efficiently manage and store a database, providing detailed check-in records, including the timestamp and user identification, ensuring a comprehensive and secure tracking system. It provides the information about a person/student’s attendance.

Smart Technology

Camera Traffic Generator

Camera Traffic Generator is a computer vision application designed to replicate real traffic scenarios, offering features like multi-camera feeds, video and image editing, and personalized workspaces. These functionalities enable rigorous testing and refinement of computer vision-based AI models, enhancing their adaptability in dynamic environments for safer autonomous systems.

Smart Technology

FakeOut: Revolutionizing Currency Security and Accessibility for All

Steps to create the prototype : 1. Implement a dependable and effective system that can accurately identify counterfeit currency notes through cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, image recognition, and haptic feedback. 2. Develop a smartphone application that uses image recognition technology to help blind or visually challenged individuals identify the denomination of banknotes, thereby promoting financial inclusion and independence. 3. Incorporate tactile indicators on banknotes that are easy to recognize and differentiate by blind people. 4. Promote public awareness campaigns to educate citizens about the risks of using counterfeit currency and how to identify genuine banknotes.

Smart Technology

Industrial BOT

Industrial Bots can be used for various purposes including Delivery of materials. Delivery Bots provides an automated service, bringing food or other items bought online to the end-customer. Composed of an area for the parcels they deliver, mounted on wheels, equipped with cameras and sensors, they are autonomous in their functioning.

Smart Technology

Reception Kiosk

Virtual reception can manage multiple visitors at once, big or small organisations, some with multiple entrances that may require more than one kiosk. Businesses that require that a health and safety form is read and signed. A photo may be required, a printed lanyard all of which is catered within the fantastic Virtual Reception offering.

Smart Technology

Smart Cradle for Baby Monitoring System

The concept of an automated infant care room is an innovative solution to help busy parents take care of their infants more efficiently. This project proposes a system that can detect the baby’s activity and function accordingly, saving parents time and energy. In today’s fast paced world, working parents often struggle to balance their work and personal lives. Taking care of an infant requires a lot of time and attention, which can be difficult for busy parents. The automated infant care room is designed to help these parents by providing an efficient and reliable solution to take care of their babies. The entire space is configured to detect the baby’s activity and respond accordingly. This is achieved using sensors and a microcontroller. The microprocessor’s sensors are programmed to sense the environment in the room and keep track of the baby’s behavior. Based on the conditions set by the user, the system will function accordingly. The user has access to all the data collected by the system, which will include information on the baby’s sleep patterns, feeding times, and other important metrics. This data will be displayed on a user interface that is easy to understand and navigate. An automated infant carer room is a novel concept that has the potential to revolutionize the way busy parents take care of their infants. By using sensors and a microcontroller, the system can detect the baby’s activity and function accordingly, saving parents time and energy while providing the best care for their babies.

Smart Technology

Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) based Art Generator for Object Detection and Categorization using Deep Learning

CUDA – enabled systems are required with 16GB storage for generating high quality art images. The proposed GAN-based Detection of Objects (GAN-DO) framework is not restricted to any particular architecture and can be generalized to several deep neural network (DNN) based architectures. The resulting deep neural network maintains the exact architecture as the selected baseline model without adding to the model parameter complexity or inference speed.

Smart Technology

Drones in forest Fire Mitigation

In the event of a fire, the primary objective of using drones is to gather situational awareness, which can be used to direct the efforts of the firefighters in locating and controlling hot spots. Just like urban fires, forest fires to require monitoring so that firefighters know what they are dealing with. Drones are increasingly used in firefighting operations for various tasks, such as providing real-time situational awareness, mapping the fire perimeter, and identifying hot spots.

Smart Technology

A Graphical User Interface to Automate Industrial Robotic Arm

Automation of Industrial Robotic Arms can significantly increase productivity and efficiency in manufacturing processes. This can lead to faster and more accurate manufacturing processes resulting in cost savings and increased profits. This can result in a safer working environment and reduce the risk of workplace injuries. Interventions made: • Make customizable GUI • Hand shake signal between Arduino and Python • Partially completed customizable GUI

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